14 November 2010

holy Jihad on Apple!

Still no laptop for me, so no podcasts for another few weeks at least. My extremely bad quality white macBook of 2007 is literally cracking everywhere now. Shitty apple. Wish i still had my old 12" PowerBook!! My mum is posting over my old HDD, so here's hoping i can pop it in my crackBook OK.  if not, i'll be buying a new laptop - even though the new models will come out in Feb.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. :-(

 our TV is still broken, and my laptop is dead - so not much news for me lately. I have to go to internet cafe to go online. Urgh.

re; my news.  I've been on 3 dates since arriving in Malang. :-)
Am having MAJOR dramas with flatmates at home. She has driven out 1 of other tenants, so my house now has an empty room! :-(  very stressed.

love you all, miss you all.

PS-  my listener line still works!  ;-)  And I have email on iPhone still.

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