28 April 2011

SX020 Kupang trip

 (enhanced) podcast of my trip to Kupang, Timor - where I visited my sponsor child, Rifan.

Not much to say here. I hope you enjoy my breakdown of the valuable and life-changing work that Compassion are doing! :-)

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25 April 2011

SX019 H A Pee Pee Y

What is on the podcast today? Who cares: it is a beautiful day, and I am skipping along (in the rain)!

Life is wonderful. God is good. Rain is delicious. Oh, and I went to a wedding this morning also.

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ps- recorded 10/4/2011

27 March 2011

SX018 the countdown begins

It's the final countdown.... dah-dah, dah dah. I am being a little premature here, but I feel like my time in Indonesia is almost up. :-(  Aw, sadseez.

Is it totally evil of me to deliberately wait to collect my final scholarship money; just to make sure that my University does not pocket it?
Yeah, it's not much cash - but it's the principle!

(pic above; i am sipping my tea at Dwi's wedding last week).

you can right-click here to download the MP3 file if you like

Here is a bonus picture or 2 -> 

The picture above is at Uka's graduation. A lovely guy (who used to live in my Kost). He always makes time for me & chats slowly to me in Indonesian. Sadly, he's moved out, and only pops in once a week  :-(

09 March 2011

SX017 a pinch and a punch

Pinch and a Punch for the First of the Month! Today is 1 March 2011.
Walk with me as I go to buy some 'pulsa' for my Mobile phone. Enjoy the dulcit tones of the mosque too!

As I wonder the streets I realise that I really need some food - which is tricky to find in the back blocks.

House & flatmates update too. Find out all the latest craziness and stress from Brisbane regarding my tenants.

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06 March 2011

SX016 Prepared for Semester 2

Am I prepared for another semester of teaching? It really is a TON of work! Hats off to all teachers out there.

Indonesian Uni students are SO sweet, friendly and innocent. That sure makes work a lot easier than rat-bag Westerners would be.

I try to rev-up the girls to ignore [Muslim] cutlure, and to speak up. Everyone in MY class is equal. Girls are not second-class citizens, nor are they to remain silent. 

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27 February 2011

SX015 semester 2 begins at UMM

Semester 2 starts tomorrow (cause Indonesia is on the crazy Northern-hemisphere timetable), so I am off to Coffee Time to prepare for English Seaking 2 classes. blah

It really is off-putting to have the REAL year disected by a fake academic year, like in USA & EU. Semester 2 is starting, at the start of a new year. :-(

Should I buy new iPad, or new MacBook Pro?!

2 voicemails today :-)  yippee!  thank you, boys.

You can listen to the MP3 file here too

ps- Photo is at Arofat's wedding last weekend. 

23 February 2011

SX014 Bali trip (for real), part 2

Enhanced podcast of Bali trip, part 2. Today I waffle less and actually talk about the trip and the photos I'm showing.

Hope you enjoy it, and get a slice of tropical Bali pie while you listen.

Warning for all Dutch listeners (& Germans)... you are gonna get a roasting!
Warning 2: some R-rated pics near the end.

You can d/load the enhanced file here directly

21 February 2011

SX013 Bali trip, part 1

Enhance podcast of my January trip to Bali with Ferdi. This is part 1 of my holiday - I chat about unusually good Travel in Indonesia, and about the first few days... alone... with just the boyfriend!

Oh yes.... travelling with a new boyfriend... you know where this will end up!  ;-)

You can download the enhanced file here (but you need to watch in iTunes, or on iPod/iPhone!)

15 January 2011

SX012 the lights are on...

Cultural learnings, gender opression & repression. The lights are on... but nobody is home.
I spend the first half of the podcast with some scary observations on Uni students and the education (school) system here.

In fantastic news, I have now changed rooms in my Kos (boarding house)!
Oh yeah, and have picked up a new BOYFRIEND too!!! :-)

You can listen online by clicking here
PS- recorded in Dec, 2010

13 January 2011

SX011 oh yeah, it's gr8tle

Ajir, Yenni, Anni, Robi, me - Rumbio, 2010
You can probably guess that this means there is good news on the crackBook hardware front!

Well, whilst my laptop is now restored to it's original (2009) glory - with tiny 160GB HDD - the internet has decided to pack it in now.
To use my iPhone4 I need to have the newest version of iTunes. After 3 hours, and a crash (meaning I had to start again), it is back to saying "5 hours" to download. I hate to think how long this 2mb file will take to upload.

You can click here to listen online, but iTunes is easier