27 September 2010

SX004 city hall & grub

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Join me and 2 friends (1 is Will) as we wander briefly on the streets of Malang.

Take a walk with me around 1 of the many <strong>many</strong> restaurants near the campus, and my Kos. This style of food is from Padang (Sumatra). Where it is all out on display, and you choose what you want. This restaurant has a bigger range than usual, so great for a vegetarian like Will, - but still no BACON! :-(

This video is pretty darn short, cause of the file size upload issues in Indonesia. Perhaps that suits your attention span anyway? ;-)

ps- the internet is doing my head in. It has taken 45 minutes to upload this file (not yet finished either). urgh
   no, make that another 30 min, I had to upload again. :-(

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