27 February 2011

SX015 semester 2 begins at UMM

Semester 2 starts tomorrow (cause Indonesia is on the crazy Northern-hemisphere timetable), so I am off to Coffee Time to prepare for English Seaking 2 classes. blah

It really is off-putting to have the REAL year disected by a fake academic year, like in USA & EU. Semester 2 is starting, at the start of a new year. :-(

Should I buy new iPad, or new MacBook Pro?!

2 voicemails today :-)  yippee!  thank you, boys.

You can listen to the MP3 file here too

ps- Photo is at Arofat's wedding last weekend. 

23 February 2011

SX014 Bali trip (for real), part 2

Enhanced podcast of Bali trip, part 2. Today I waffle less and actually talk about the trip and the photos I'm showing.

Hope you enjoy it, and get a slice of tropical Bali pie while you listen.

Warning for all Dutch listeners (& Germans)... you are gonna get a roasting!
Warning 2: some R-rated pics near the end.

You can d/load the enhanced file here directly

21 February 2011

SX013 Bali trip, part 1

Enhance podcast of my January trip to Bali with Ferdi. This is part 1 of my holiday - I chat about unusually good Travel in Indonesia, and about the first few days... alone... with just the boyfriend!

Oh yes.... travelling with a new boyfriend... you know where this will end up!  ;-)

You can download the enhanced file here (but you need to watch in iTunes, or on iPod/iPhone!)