15 January 2011

SX012 the lights are on...

Cultural learnings, gender opression & repression. The lights are on... but nobody is home.
I spend the first half of the podcast with some scary observations on Uni students and the education (school) system here.

In fantastic news, I have now changed rooms in my Kos (boarding house)!
Oh yeah, and have picked up a new BOYFRIEND too!!! :-)

You can listen online by clicking here
PS- recorded in Dec, 2010

13 January 2011

SX011 oh yeah, it's gr8tle

Ajir, Yenni, Anni, Robi, me - Rumbio, 2010
You can probably guess that this means there is good news on the crackBook hardware front!

Well, whilst my laptop is now restored to it's original (2009) glory - with tiny 160GB HDD - the internet has decided to pack it in now.
To use my iPhone4 I need to have the newest version of iTunes. After 3 hours, and a crash (meaning I had to start again), it is back to saying "5 hours" to download. I hate to think how long this 2mb file will take to upload.

You can click here to listen online, but iTunes is easier