30 October 2010

new episode, coming soon

I've been so busy lately, and when not busy am not alone!
there are millions of people in Java - and Indonesian culture is to not let people be 'sendiri' (alone). So, when I try to be alone, sit etc, by myself, I am always approached by someone.

stay tuned though!!

21 October 2010

SX010 Student Day at UMM

Enhanced podcast*- Today is "student day", so join me and 5,000 students as we march around the kampung (suburb)! It was quite a spectacle, and also very HOT. Glad we started around 7am.
I am sure I talk about some other stuff too, and get sidetracked, but I hope you enjoy the pictures on your iPod.

* this is an 'enhanced' podcast, with photos imbedded. You must listen/watch in iTunes or on your iPhone /iPod!
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18 October 2010

SX009 flu drugs & teaching

I have become a junkie now. Life in Indonesia has pushed me over the edge - to hard drugs! Luckily here, you can just pop into the Apotik (chemist) and ask for whatever drugs you want.  HELLO!

I also fill you in briefly on my new job, teaching English Speaking 1! Sorry for my waffle, I hope you find the little gems of info!

My battles with UMM's "efforts", at providing bahasa Indonesia classes to us, continue.  :-(

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17 October 2010

SX008 I'm starvin' Marvin!

I only have 2 topics in this show, and 1 of them involves me almost starving to death! Yes, I came close to going without any supper tonight (7 Oct), and you can imagine how that made me feel. :-(

I also share with the entire world, one of my student's very personal "secrets"! It was way more juicier than what I had expected from an Indonesian Muslim student to share. :-O

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08 October 2010

SX007 I'm a dozin' Dosen

Today I wax lyrical about my first few days teaching 'English Speaking 1' to all the young Indonesian students.  Most of them are either like giddy school-girls, or extremely shy.

And it wouldn't be "Indonesia" if I couldn't also tell you about the continuing chaos of my bahasa Indonesia program - yes, what I am supposed to be here for! ;-)

(recorded Thur 7/10/10)

04 October 2010

SX006 our lady Maria, LIVE in Malang

I'm singing and dancing on a prayer this weekend, after going to 1 of the big Roman Catholic Churches near the centre of Malang city. OK, well, that's not the reason why actually - but it is part of what I talk about today.

Other than Catholocism, I talk about Indonesia's obsession with Agama (religion), and have some exciting news...

I have a JOB in Indonesia now! (Can U guess what as?)